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The appearance of the apartment with a folding mechanism for sofa beds is almost always not the whim of the owner, and perceived need. Convertible furniture is appreciated, where living space is in short supply, and you have the afternoon to use it for everyday purposes, and at night – for the rest. Questions convenience, comfort and maintain their health is not superfluous.

But by selecting withdraw able couch with orthopedic mattress, be sure that he will not let you down, and last a long time without a break? After all, like it often sofa beds are not used for its intended purpose, precisely because their mechanism of transformation prematurely worn out. You can calm down. All withdraw able sofas with orthopedic mattress provided with a device recognized as one of the most durable.


Its design provides a simple and rapid conversion into a bed, a sofa that makes furniture for daily use. Sofa consists of two parts – static and movable. The latter includes a back and a housing in which is embedded the laundry bin. It is connected to the movable portion and made up twice a sleeper, forming a relatively high seat sofa. In order to transform the sofa withdraw able with orthopedic mattress, you need to select the moving part forward, revealing underwear drawer.

Pulling out bedding, you can raise the upper half of the bed upright and then lower it to the box that is rotated 180 degrees. The resulting bed area is obtained by two-thirds more than the sofa, and it is devoid of these “childhood diseases” of transformable furniture, like excesses and troughs. In addition to fast and easy metamorphosis withdraw able bed with orthopedic mattress, assembled very compact. He stands out from the “click-klyak” type mechanism so that it can be placed against a wall and do not move away from it all the time when unfolded.

Easily foldable:

Another interesting and useful variety of such furniture was the sofa with roll-out mechanism. In our country, it became popular a few decades ago, not only for its compact size, but also for the fact that the original diversify the interior. Such a sofa can equally well be located in a bedroom, a living room, dining room or office. As for the mattresses, their presence in the house – this is recognition of necessity. Diseases caused by incorrect position of the locomotors apparatus of man during his rest and sleep – a sad reality. Mattresses help to achieve the desired level of comfort and relaxation, giving the body a chance to really rest and gain strength. For healthy people, they will be the prevention of diseases of the spine and joints, and those who suffer from these diseases, help to recover.

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