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An important factor that can influence the individual preference for the bed mattress and the sleeping position is the specific back disability that a person has. Patients with pain caused by hip joint osteoarthritis may prefer to sleep on their knees with the knees gathered (in the fetal position). This position helps to open the spine joints in the spine and can relieve any inappropriate pressure. Patients with degenerative disc pain may prefer to sleep on the belly because this position can lower the pressure on the disk space, especially if a pillow is placed under the belly and hips, which further reduces the pressure on the underside of the back.

Mattress for medical reason:

People with spinal stenosis may prefer to sleep on their knees with kneeling knees (in the fetal position. Patients with hip pain who sleep on one side can find relief of pain by placing a pillow between the knees. It lowers the stress over the hip. In the case of lumbar herniation, the most comfortable sleep position will depend on the position of the disc. For a paracentral disc herniation (the most common), patients will tend to sleep in the lying position on the belly. For a foraminous disc herniation, sleeping on one side in the fetal position is best tolerated.

Generally, the sleeping position lying on the back with a pillow placed under your knees, which is thus easily raised, helps with most and general back pains. Also, many patients find this sleeping position the most comfortable after a backbone surgery.

Most people prefer a firmer bed mattress that provides more support to the spine. Although there is no literature that fully accepts this statement, it is logical that a backbone support is beneficial during sleep. It is believed that the bed mattress should support the spine at all the curved points along it.

There are also conditions (eg bursitis of hips) for which a too firm bed mattress is not recommended.

The lining on the top of the mattress is also a factor that influences comfort. High quality mattresses have a thicker padding. However, some people prefer thinner mattresses.

Although it is important for a mattress to provide adequate support for the spine, personal preference and comfort level are the ones that determine the choice of a mattress.

Choosing a bed mattress is also essential for a better sex life:

Choose a large mattress. Make sure it’s roomy enough for two people. Usually, the size of 160 × 200 or 180 × 200 mattresses is enough for 2 people, but it would not hurt 200 × 200.

Choose a medium or hard bed mattress. The partner will need back support.

Looking for a bed mattress cheap only if you sleep on it occasionally! If you use it daily, give yourself the comfort you need to rest and have a good night’s sleep.

Invest in a solid Pocket Spring mattress for the new acquisition. The Pocket Spring mattress protects the beds from any shock or tension.

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